Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we choose DV-Memories?

DV-Memories is Utah's premiere video specialists. We shoot your memories digitally, and then place them on a medium of your choice. Whether it be DVD, VHS, or CD-ROM we ensure the highest quality picture and the longest means of preservation. Not only do we film your special engagements, but also, we use high end editing software to give you the exact finish you are looking for. With 3CCD capability, DV-Memories provides you with broadcast quality for the cheapest possible price.

What is 3ccd?

This refers to the way color is captured into your video. When capturing in 3CCD, three colors feed in separately as opposed to a singular stream. This prevents color bleeding giving you the sharpest, cleanest picture available.

Do you do more than weddings?

Yes. Currently our services include, but are not limited to, weddings, birthdays, sports events, promotional videos, advertisements, training seminars, and business engagements.

What are your prices?

Because of the eclectic requests we receive at DV-Memories, most of our packages are custom-built. We do give estimates free of charge, and always give a final price before signing contracts. In the unlikely event that our costs exceed the price we quote you, we will take care of it. You are never charged more than the price agreed upon.

What do most packages include?

Usually a package will include a 50-picture video history to be played at the reception, (which can include home video), multiple camera angles, and a finished product on DVD. There are often requests for love stories, mini-documentaries and even mockumentaries which we enjoy doing as well. Most special requests will not increase the price.

How far in advance do we need to schedule?

Please call us a month to two months in advance for weddings and two to three weeks for most other requests. Though exceptions are made due to circumstances, the times listed provide for quality assurance and schedule availability.

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